VCERA-X FOAM is a radiant, heat blocking, fire-resistant hybrid foam that improves insulation & PROVIDES sound proofing.

While there are various fire-resistant materials such as concrete, ceramic refractories and ceramic wools, they all come with their own disadvantages.

Concrete materials are cheap and have reasonable fire-resistant performance, but they’re heavy, have bad insulation performance and takes a long time to cure.

Ceramic refractories are great fire-resistant materials, but are expensive to produce, have poor insulation and require a high temperature furnace.

Ceramic wools are fire-resistant, but they do not seal gap perfectly, which decreases their insulation performance

gradually as it absorbs moisture in the air. It’s also expensive to produce.

VCERA-X Foam is an affordable solution to all of these problems. The VCERA-X Foam is a hybrid of ceramic and organic materials. The non-organic, ceramic component blocks flame and radiant heat. The many fine cells from the organic materials provide insulation and sound proofing. Our product can be produced at the existing polyurethane production line with a simple modification of the spraying equipment. It can also be installed with mobile foaming devices on the construction site.


  • Fire resistant: blocks flame and radiant high heat

  • Non-combustible: hybrid material with ceramic & organic foam

  • Perfect sealing: sealing with no gap

  • Provides insulation: low R value due to a lot of air bubbles

  • Affordable price: reasonably priced compared to expensive fire-resistant materials

  • Sound proof: millions of micro-cells

  • Easy to produce: can be produce on and off-site with spraying equipment.


  • Construction/ Building