VCera Fire REsistant PAint


VCera Fire Resistant paint helps strengthen structural steels of buildings to delay collapse during a fire.

The highest priority during a collapse of a building is allowing enough time for safe evacuation. Applying VCERA Fire Resistant Paint on structural steel columns insulates the building fabric from heat and delays the collapse of the building. This helps make the building safer for the emergency services to carry out any rescue work and tackle the fire upon arrival.

VCERA-FP is a high build, easy to apply material, which is possible to use with existing spray equipment, and is optimized for use on site and off site.

With a one coat system, it reduces the need for primer and top seal and has an extremely fast cure— up to 120 minutes of fire protection in just one coat, a short term weather resistance in just 1 hour, and completely ready to go by day 2. With dramatic savings in time and labor, using our VCERA-FP is a great way to increase high tolerance to weather conditions and damage resistance for durability. The low VOC levels, low hazard and low odor guarantees and assures our users that our product is safe to use.


  • Easy to apply

  • Fast cure: Up to 120 minute fire protection in just one coat, short term weather resistance in just 1 hour and ready to go on Day 2.

  • One Coat System: Reduces the need for primer and top seal.

  • Affordable: Dramatic savings in time + labour.

  • High tolerance to weather and application conditions.

  • Moisture resistant

  • Damage resistant

  • Low VOC levels, low odor and low hazard.


  • Construction/ building

  • structural steel

  • beams