Solar heat Blocking Glass


valoce’s Solar Heat Blocking Safety Glass maintains high transparency while improving energy efficiency.

Especially useful for skylights and large scale windows in business buildings, hotels, museums and residential buildings, as well as automotive sun-roofs and moon-roofs, Valoce’s solar heat blocking safety glass helps improve energy efficiency. Our solar heat blocking laminate prevents the transmittance of heat coming in through glass, which helps to save energy. It prevents fading in furnishings, woodwork, fabric and art by blocking UV rays while maintaining a clear view. The high transparency allows for interior spaces to lit with bright, natural light, all while reducing glare and eye discomfort.


  • Increased heat rejection provides additional performance benefits

  • Extends the life of furnishings by rejecting UV rays, the single largest component of fading

  • Reduces glare and eye discomfort

  • Increases safety by minimizing flying glass

  • Reduces noise from outside

  • Lowers reflection, which enhances views and overall beauty 

  • Superior performance with no corrosion or interference with cell phone signals


  • Windows

  • Skylight

  • Roof windows

  • Sunroofs

  • Car Windows

  • Protective glass for art, sculptures, paintings


how it works

Since nanoparticles can provide spectrally selective light absorption with minimal scattering, they can be used as additives to laminated glass interlayer to reduce solar heat gain. This cutting edge technology, which uses UV curable adhesive interlayer containing ceramic nanoparticles, turns normal glass into a solar heat blocking glass laminate while maintaining high transparency. The systems that transmit in the visible but block near infrared radiation (NIR) between the wavelengths of 750nm to 1400nm are said to be spectrally selective solar control glass in that they have low transmission in the NIR range, where almost half of the total solar irradiance occurs, but have higher transmission in the visible wavelength range (380nm-750nm).


Solar Heat Blocking Glass Laminates


Transparent Heat Blocking Glass (Soluce)

UV Transmission: 0%

Visible Transmission: 72%

IR Transmission: 18%

Shading Coefficient 0.62

Low-E glass
(KCC product)

UV Transmission: 44%

Visible Transmission: 80%

IR Transmission: 64%

Shading Coefficient 0.86