VALOCERA Ceramic Foam


ValOcera ceramic foam is a multi-functional insulation that blocks flame and radiant heat while reducing noise and cost of heating.

While there are various fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass, rock wool and rigid foam boards, they all come with their own disadvantages.

Rigid foam boards like polystyrene and polyurethane have a low R-value compared to fiber glass and rock wool, but they are flammable and emit toxic gas during a fire.

Fiberglass is nonflammable, but is harmful to the human body.

Rock wool is also nonflammable, but are expensive to produce.

All of these insulation materials, listed above, are not fire-resistant and do not protect people or their properties from fire.

VALOCERA Ceramic Foam is a solution to all of these problems at an affordable price. Because our product is made of ceramic materials, it is non-flammable and can block flame and radiant high heat. It contains millions of micro cells filled with air, which reduces noise between walls and insulates to make the space energy efficient. Our product is produced using a simple process and can be pumped at the construction site.


  • Fire-resistant: Blocks flame and radiant high heat

  • Provides insulation: low R-value due to a lot of air bubbles

  • Non-flammable: made with ceramic materials

  • Affordable: cheaper than existing fire-resistant + non-flammable insulation material

  • Easy to produce: Application can be on or off-site.

  • Provides soundproofing.

  • Energy-efficient: lowers heating bill.


Construction/ building