Impact Resistant Glass


VALOCE-BR, VALOCE-HR and VALOCE-HR+ products help combat prolonged physical impact from burglary and hurricanes.

Glass is a popular material for a sleek and modern architectural design, but it is not as durable as other building materials. Luckily, Valoce provides a range of laminated glass products that combat prolonged physical impact and aids in hurricane resistance. VALOCE-BR, VALOCE-HR and VALOCE-HR+ products are high performance glazing products that uses heat-strengthened glass or tempered glass, special polymer panes, and special adhesives for ultimate durability and impact resistance.



  • Ultimate durability.

  • Damage protection from prolonged physical impact and hurricanes.


  • Windows

  • Skylight

  • Roof windows

  • Sunroofs

  • Car windows



Burglar Resistant Glass Laminates


Hurricane Resistant Glass Laminates


Hurricane Resistant + Heat Blocking Glass Laminates