Axo shade is an affordable, diy window tint that provides ultimate protection from the sun.

Upgrade your ride with AXO Shade, a first of its kind, patented DIY window tint that blocks 99% of harmful UV and Infrared rays while also dampening outside noise. Not only will it protect your skin, but it also ensures your car's interiors won't be damaged by the sun. Cheaper than professional window tinting, AXO Shade is easy to install yourself and it won't leave a hole your wallet. Stay cool and make your drive more enjoyable with AXO Shade.

Soon to be an Indiegogo campaign.


  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV and infrared rays

  • Protects your skin and interiors of cars or buildings

  • Dampens outside noise

  • Keeps interiors cool

  • Effective all year round

  • Helps save energy because less heat escapes through the windows

  • Hinders theft— makes breaking glass difficult


  • Car windows

  • Building windows