VALOCE-FR is a cutting-edge, patented glass technology that blocks fire and radiant heat.

Valoce-FR glass has a myriad of uses, but it’s especially useful for any space that requires division of spaces, such as hospitals, labs, schools, offices, malls, airports, computer storage rooms, residential homes and more.

Not only does using Valoce-FR glass make spaces look sleek and modern, but it also improves safety significantly. Unlike conventional glass, our product helps to reduce noise and keeps each divided space quiet and serene.

Our product is impact resistant, which prevents breakage from impact force. The fire resistant, radiant heat blocking and UV blocking characteristics helps make spaces safer in case of fire, so that the fire and heat will stay contained while improving safety by eliminating dangers of flying glass. This will give people more time to escape and prevent fires from expanding too quickly.


  • Safety: The tempered glass structure prevents glass breakage by impact force.

  • Insulation: Glass can withstand high temperatures.

  • Clarity: Our clear resin keeps high transparency

  • Blocks fire & radiant heat: prevents fires from expanding, improves safety, providing more time to escape


  • Building windows

  • Indoor space division

  • Ships



The Soluce Resin used in Valoce FR is clear, which keeps the glass transparent. When fire occurs, the Soluce Resin between the two layers of glass begins to expand and create foam, providing insulation. This allows the glass to hold up against high temperatures and prevents fires from expanding. The tempered glass structure of our design improves safety by preventing glass breakage by impact force.


Fire Resistant Glass

Glass structure_2-01.png

Laminated Heat Blocking glass

Glass structure_2-02.png

Valoce vs. Competitors

Our VALOCE-FR technology was first introduced in 2011. Not only is our technology completely reliable, but it’s also cheaper and faster to produce than our competitors.

Kukyoung G&M, a Korean Glass company, uses our technology for their Radiant Heat Blocking Fire Resistant Glass and sells to various companies in China, South-East Asia and the Middle-East.


Proper installation methods and fire-rated frames are mandated by UL for all VALOCE-FR products. For general glazing installation guidelines, refer to the Glass Association of North America (GANA) Glazing manual 2004 or latest edition.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulates that Radiant Heat Blocking Fire Resistant Glass must be use in all ships, except for Bulk Cargo ships. Laws in many countries are being changes to apply Fire Resistant Glass in all buildings.