VCERA-FA is a non-flammable, hybrid intumescent adhesive for sandwich panel lamination and general industrial application.

With climate change causing higher temperatures and wildfires, great attention is being paid to how materials can withstand or combat the catastrophic effects of fire.

Conventional polyurethane adhesives, while cheap and have strong adhesive strength, is very flammable.

Conventional water glass adhesives, while cheap and non-flammable, weakens adhesive strength over time, due to moisture absorption.

Intumescent adhesives is a water resistant and fire retardant, ideal for use in binding a wide range of materials used in fire resistant applications.

VCERA-FA is a hybrid intumescent adhesive that combines inorganic materials with a modified polyurethane. Modified polyols and fire retardant intumescent additives of constituent materials of VCERA-FA block radiant heat and flame and retain lamination integrity at high temperature. It can be applied with conventional spraying or painting equipment.

How does it work?

An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure: increasing in volume and decreasing in density. The process provides a thick layer of ‘char’ which thermally insulates the substrate.




  • blocks flame and radiant heat

  • quasi- non flammable

  • Intumescent material expands when heated to seal around objects exposed to fire

  • Smoke seal retards spread of toxic by-products of combustion

  • Cost-effective and easy installation

  • strong adhesive strength


  • any general industrial application

  • sandwich panel lamination