VALOCE-HG: Heated glass


VALOCE-HG is a heated glass that improves visibility and radiates warmth with adjustable temperature control.


During months of heat and humidity, condensation on glass can hinder visibility, while the winter months freezes windows. An architectural window unit with VALOCE-HC will remain free of condensation even in 100% humidity. Unlike standard glass windows, VALOCE-HC will help keep warmth and comfort to the room, which can be an added plus during freezing temperatures.



  • Increases visibility

  • Eliminates condensation from humidity and heat

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • Helps with energy efficiency, as glass will help keep warmth and comfort to the room.



  • Windows

  • Skylight

  • Roof windows

  • Sunroofs

  • Car Windows


how it works

In order to manufacture heated glass, VALOCE-HG uses an ordinary pane of float glass with an invisible fluoride doped tin oxide coating during the fabrication process. Two buss bars are attached to the coating on glass pane. When the glass is turned on, an electrical current travels from one buss bar to the other across the fluoride doped tin oxide coating. Electrical resistance results in heat energy, which radiates from the glass. Since the electrical resistance is uniform across the entire glass surface, the glass temperature stays the same as well.